HOPE FOR Life's Journey
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    Do you feel your shattered heart is beyond repair? Does the loss feel too great?

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    Is your heart drowning in pain, fear and confusion?

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    It's time to start a new journey. There is hope and healing for you.

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    Do you feel stuck in the past and unable to move forward? Do you feel like you just don't belong?

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    It's time to live a life with joy and hope. The life you were meant to live.

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    Do you feel like a little kid playing dress up in a big grown up world?

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    You deserve to have a safe place to share. A place where your heart is cared for and protected.

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    Do you feel life and hope are slipping further away everyday?

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    You deserve to be heard, find healing, and have wholeness of heart.



Begin Your Journey Of  Hope and Healing
Not sure what to expect at your first counseling session? You’re in good company. Many people come into their first session apprehensive and unsure. Because the counseling relationship is one built on safety, trust is imperative. We begin building that trust from your first session… read more
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“Tara is humble and accepting. She has embraced me wherever I am in life. She has shown persistence and diligence regardless of what needs tackled. It is a pleasure to have Tara in my life. “…read more




More Information

I provide help for people struggling with sexual abuse, addiction, or grief and loss by guiding their way to deep emotional healing. I provide a private, effective counseling in a relaxed setting, focused on your specific needs and concerns. I understand the need to be a counselor that walks with individuals on their journey to find hope, counseling Colorado Springs residents and those around the country by phone or skype.

I consider my counseling Colorado Springs care to be greatly beneficial for individuals who continue to walk bravely through life while carrying overwhelming confusion and pain. I specialize in women’s issues, abuse,addiction, and grief and loss. I provide counseling Colorado Springs services to individuals, marriages and families with the skills and training necessary to lead peaceful lives.

I know the importance of a safe and protected environment. My counseling brings education and experience in group and individual therapy specific to sexual addiction and aversion, disordered eating, relational boundary issues, anxiety and depression, and childhood abuse. In counseling Colorado Springs clients I provide a compassionate, understanding setting for your heart to be heard and understood. I believe improving your life is possible and I find it an honor to guide my clients on their personal journey.